The Why

I believe my mission on this planet is to create better products for human beeings!
I think we are surrounded by a lot of unusable or unsmart products, which could be optimized, redesigned and/or rethought.
I can do that, - and I will do it in cooperation with the user of the product - because if the product isn't well-designed in regards to functionality, technicality and aesthetics, it doesn't please the user who is using it. And that is vital for the succes of a product.  
Martin Stoltze 

Creos - Product Design is founded by Martin Stoltze just before christmas 2013.
Martin Stoltze is an ambitious, passionated and experienced Product Design Engineer with a creative mindset.
Martin has a Master of Science in Engineering - Industrial Design degree from 2005, and has from the variety of jobs and projects since then created a long skill list, but the main focus in the product development challenges is always:
Focus on the aesthetics and the functional and technical aspect of the design. And of course Design For Manufacturing / Assembly - DFM/DFA.

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From Chaos to Creos is about navigating in the Chaos-phase, researching, learning, studying and figuring out the client's, the consumer's and the salespeople's needs. And with that knowledge in mind, to create and design the best products possible. The output of the process is very often "production-ready" - including material specification and 3D-CAD files.
Creos - Product Design uses mainly the following software:
- SolidWorks Pro 2015 / 2016
- Adobe Illustrator CC
- Adobe InDesign CC
- Adobe PhotoShop CC

Main competencies and experiences are:

B2C and B2B physical products: Furniture, Electronic equipment, tents/awnings etc.

And, if you need help in these fields: Engineering, User Interface design, Web or Printed Graphics or Marketing etc. there is plenty of these competencies in the close network.

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