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9 Nørre-Snedevej
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Product Design Consultancy

...and Entrepreneurship.

Creos do product design, design strategy, design research and design thinking.


Product Design, Industrial Design and Design Engineering company working with user-focused product development.

Welcome to my website

Martin Creos

Dear guest,
My name is Martin Stoltze and I have the consulting firm Creos - Product Design.
I help other companies create new, user-friendly and well-designed products.

I am driven by an extreme passion for my work, I love creating new designs and new products! And luckily I'm good at it!

I do not think that the products we are surrounded with, should just satisfy a given need - they should make you glad when you use them! And you should feel a joy of owning them!


How can I help you?
I can do this for you:

  • examine whether there is a market for your idea or your product

  • create concepts of 2, 3 or several design directions for your product / project

  • design and product development

  • build it in CAD system (SolidWorks)

  • 3D print visual models / prototypes

  • material specify together with you and your business

  • make your project ready for production

  • find the right partners to produce it

June 2018 Uni Consulting ApS and Creos - Product Design have have entered into a new cooperation. 

With the cooperation we expand our competence field and can together create projects from market research and concept development, over design, documentation and prototypes to final implementation in production.

Via in-house competencies, and a large professionally strong network, the right specialist competencies are built around the individual project to ensure an optimal project process. 
Through network and close collaboration, the goal is to drive development projects from concept to production in an optimal manner, measured on time, quality and price. 



Contact person, Uni Consulting
Tore Munch 
Mobile: +45 5337 9302


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My skills and competencies:

  • Research and Design thinking

  • Product design and product development.

  • I graduated in M.Sc. Engineering in Industrial Design, and therefore can be both creative and technical.

  • And I'm not afraid to grip steel, wood and plastic in my hands - I'm not only a desk warrior :-)

  • I have a total of 12 years experience as a designer, design engineer, R & D manager and Development chief (4 of them with my own business).

I am passionate about creating products from scratch; ie researching, identifying a need that you see in the market, generate ideas, develop concepts and design, specify, document and prepare for production. I believe that the best product designs make the user happy EVERY time they use the product. And that's the goal for me, every time! I also believe that to create a succesful product, we need to focus both on the technical, functional and aesthetic aspects in the design and development process. In real life this means that the product must be well built, and in a high technical quality. It should be easy and nice to use, and of course it should be pleasing to the eye.


Contact me:
Phone: +45 26 28 96 76 or

And let's arrange a coffee- or a SKYPE-meeting where we talk about your project.
It is of course free of charge and without obligation.
And my prices are also very competitive in the market. Whether it's hourly, project-based or phase-based is entirely up to you.

A bit more about my work process:

In my work I always use the following workflow as a template, with a GO / NO GO for each phase. That means for my clients, that they never commit to more than one phase at a time. It also means that they can easily use other designers, engineers or developers in the other phases.

Above you can see my design process. Is it too small? So give it a click! :-)

Recommendation from one of my clients:
Martin designed the InnoChiller and we are absolutely thrilled with the result!
He is an absolute genius when it comes to understanding his clients needs and expectations, whether this is caused by talent, experience or a combination of both I’m not sure 😊.
Martin is extremely easy to work with and I’ve had many interesting conversations with him, not only on the design, but also regarding the whole process of starting up and launching a new product.
The final design of the InnoChiller speaks for it self - see it on
We liked every single detail on the product, from the way he integrated the handle, to the overall look of the innochiller.
Thanks Martin!



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