What does a car cost?
Or a house?

Yep, that question is not easy to answer - because it all depends.

The car, is that a Toyota Aygo or a Rolls Royce?
The house, is it big - or small, located near the water or does it have a swimmingpool and a private tennis court?

But, to be honest I CAN actually say a bit about the budget of a design and product development process.

This is how I work.
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My hourly rate is 1000 DKK + VAT
Very often my clients need a fixed budget on the above mentioned phases, and yes it is absolutely possible to give that on Phase 0, 1 and 2.
Phase 3 always depends on the product, the manufacturing company, the complexity, how many revisions is needed, how much work is made by me vs. other engineers and so on.
Normally a Research Phase 0 is 1 to 4 days, depending on the project.
Each design-concept in Phase 1 takes 1 to 2 days of design work + 3D-print, presentation and so on and so forth. Phase 2 depends on the feedback from Phase 1, but I have not yet experienced that to take more than a week. I only charge the efficient work hours, if the phone rings the HOURS-app on the smartphone is shut off...

Give me a call +45 26 28 96 76 or send me an email martin@creos.dk
- if you need a noncommittal offer on your project or just a few inputs :-)